My name is Steve Dyer and I have been painting miniature figures for over 25 years. In that time I have probably painted figures from every historical period plus fantasy and sci-fi. But the one period that that I return to over and over again is the Napoleonic Wars and in particular the French. The joy of painting the French army is the array of uniforms of not just the French but their many allies. As you will see in the Napoleonic galleries I like to, in the main, paint my units as if on campaign, although I still can't bring myself to cover them in dirt and mud!! I try to make every figure different be it with different hair, trousers, shako cover colour, etc. or with the addition of cloth patches made from greenstuff, head swaps etc. This gives the units an irregular feel but still ties them together by the coat colour. Although Napoleonics are what I paint most I enjoy painting all periods and these can be viewed in the other galleries as well as work on the Wargames Foundry website. Much of what you see, but not all, has been painted for commissions over the years and I have credited the owners where applicable. I should point out that some of the photography leaves a lot to be desired but as time goes on I am getting better results.

I am NOT currently taking commissions although I am happy to quote for jobs.

Please see the commissions page for rates.

I sometimes have figures for sale either via e-bay or in the For Sale section. These are usually at well below my normal commission rates


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